Thursday, July 25, 2013

Re-inventing You and Your Vocation

Heya Everyone,

Know thyself and create your life and career! The way we know work is changing. Today it’s not just about a degree, body of knowledge and a set of technical skills, but rather our soft skills are key to manage and lead ourselves and others. Self-awareness around who you are and what you stand for, your values, your interests, your passion, and understanding your needs are the base to generate personal leadership skills. It’s about authentic self-management and how we show up from that orientation. 

In addition, women and men are seeking more quality, more meaning and purpose these days, not just in their career, but life in general. Jobs and paychecks don't cut it anymore! Given that times are changing it actually is an opportunity in disguise. We are given the chanced to generate and innovate new structure ourselves. Check out our interview from May 28th about 21st Century Jobs with with Kim Obbink President of Filter Digital, Lisa Weeks Marketing Director at Filter Digital, and Monique Svazlian, Leadership & Executive Coach to Women Leaders at Highest Path.

So, let me ask you.... any of these statements describe you and your career?
  • I want deeper meaning and fulfillment in my career
  • I want to work for a company that reflects my values
  • I want to merge my passion with my career
  • I want a career that fits my lifestyle
  • I want to start my own thing
  • I'm going through a career transition / mid-life crisis
  • I'm at a cross roads
If you answered "yes" I assume you relate to the conversation we have been having so far. Be assured you are not alone, as I said it's a collective experience. Not only do we transition through different "inner" phases, but externally too the economy, the market, well the World are in constant flux. Life is full of complexities and variables and sometimes a career change may be involuntary. Trying to figure it out alone and make sense of it all can be overwhelming and confusing. Without the support and guidance of others it's easy to get lost in these complex experiences and transitions. Tension, confusion, despair, dissatisfaction, unhappiness, frustration, depression etc., these are all symptomatic effects that arise throughout times of change yet we try to hold onto the old and what we know (what used to work). Consider that what you are experiencing is a "new self-identification process", and you simply don't know it. Hence, the confusion, lack of clarity, and not knowing what to do. So, exploring this transition together and working in a collaborative set-up is way more fun. Let the collaboration begin!

Starting August 14th:
I will be leading a new telecourse called "Reinventing You and Your Vocation":

7-week tele-class with Tatjana Luethi from Aug 14th - Sept 25, 2013


"Tatjana is an insightful and gifted coach who has helped me to understand the inter-generational patterns that have shaped my choices, behavior and life. Her life experiences, intelligence and commitment to pursuing innovative self-help tools makes her approach extremely effective, and she coaches with precision and compassion, which has helped me grow exponentially.She uses didactic, heart-driven and visual diagrams to ensure comprehensive understanding of abstract concepts. She coaches with a unique blend of heart and intellect and has helped me to make choices as the woman I want to be, my Destiny Self. Her workshops and technique have helped me to formulate my own "North Star" and to create my singularly dynamic role in a new paradigm: one that shifts from injured and childlike to decisive, curiosity-driven and clear."

Evette De Luca, Director of Civic Engagement and Community Transformation at Reach Out

"Attending Tatjana's workshop had a big impact in me overcoming my limiting beliefs and let go of what no longer serves me. It was an incredible experience to be part of a group of women who were transforming before my eyes into the strong and confident women they sensed themselves capable of! I'm amazed how quickly I was able to apply the tools I learned and help others in their process. I wish more women can experience these transformational life changing breakthroughs."

- Cynthia Santacruz, Financial Advisor (Career Switcher)

Tatjana is a strong and driven woman who is a great guiding light in the Breaking Through Your Inner Limiting Believes workshops. She's gone through her own inner work and stays true to herself which is a great inspiration and learning tool for all.
The Merge Conference was a life-shifting event that profoundly impacted me and my perceptions of what I am capable of in both professional and personal spaces. This would not have been possible without Tatjana's ability to bring the best out of those who attended to create a real community of people who can care and support one another through their passions.
Alice Piccola,  Web Designer + Front-End Developer

“Being a part of Tatjana's workshop for Breaking Through Your Inner Glass Ceiling has been an amazing experience! I was able to create clarity surrounding my inner gifts and talents and achieve a greater sense of purpose. Tatjana has an amazing gift of empowering women to discover their inner truth and potential. Through the Skool Meetup for Evolutionary Women I feel empowered to be part of a movement that is encouraging women to step into their greatness and live out their passions!”
Veronica Sanchez, General Manager

"Tatjana, you did such an amazing job. It takes a lot of focus and concentration to do what you did; To really hear people and be able to synthesize and clarify what they said. You're open, honest, and willing to be vulnerable in front of a group which takes guts. Both you and Jose created a safe, open, environment."

Ellen Vash, Sales Representative

"You know a conference had a meaningful impact on you when: the conference itself has ended, AND YET as each day passes, what you learned & the inspiration you felt becomes even STRONGER and stronger.  BAM! Congratulations. Keep up the beautiful work. You two are one hell of a team.
Asya Tabdili, Communication Studies, Globalization Studies UCLA 13'

“This is a great workshop for anyone who wants to remove any of their limiting beliefs. For me, the extra benefit was meeting professional women who have now become clients and collaborators on projects. If you are reading this and feel any curiosity at all about it, I encourage you to attend. You might meet the perfect person or get the insight you've been needing to move you forward on your next steps”.
Gabrielle Raumberger, Creative Director  

"The conference is inspiring, emotionally provocative, and extremely well put together. I love the feeling of being on Oprah or if you are old enough to remember Donohue. It truly felt like a dialogue with successful women in LA that shared from a vulnerable, raw place the truth about their journey to success."
- Erika Schmidt, Hair Stylist

“Thank you Tatjana & Jose for The Skool and the MERGE! conference for offering the encouragement and tools to take a leap forward in pursuing my passions. Since MERGE, I've been able to reconnect with doing what I love, to focus on what to do next, and to go for the big goals that have a great sense of purpose for me.  I truly appreciate the guidance and can't say thank you enough”!
- Heather Muñoz, Web Consultant