Friday, August 8, 2014

What are the critical skills needed to thrive rather than survive in today's rapidly changing market place?

We can no longer ignore that yesterday's traditional business models are rapidly being phased out. “Profit above all else”- above people, above our values, above the planet, above our community, is simply not sustainable.

The TOGETHER! conference will show you simple, effective, more conscious ways of doing business. Forward-thinking companies know that the key to a healthy & sustainable business is connecting passion, purpose AND profit.

Join LA's top 130 motivated professional women to easily master tomorrow's critical business skills in: Conscious Leadership, Conscious Business Structures, Go-To-Market Strategies, and Marketing Practices.

If you want to do more than “just survive” in your career, you cannot miss this event!

What we'll do:
TOGETHER! is a 2-day Conference where women learn critical business skills to THRIVE in today's changing marketplace. This conference is designed to inspire purpose, provide clarity, and a strategy for taking action with interactive panels and workshops!

September 13th & 14th, 2014, 9am - 5pm

Venue Courtesy of:
WeWork Hollywood, 7083 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Special Early Bird til Aug 15th: $299 (Regular $449)
(You have to select "Regular Ticket" for this code to work)
BONUS!! You also receive:
- A 1-month FREE membership ($350 value) to WeWork*
- Eligible to win a 1-year FREE membership ($4,200 value) to WeWork*
For more details about the conference and to get your Early Bird visit:
Parking at:
7021 Hollywood Galaxy Shopping Center (LA Fitness, CVS, Fresh & Easy)
(Entrance is on Sycamore Ave.)
7021 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA

- Tatjana

P.S. "Yes. Humans can make vehicles that fly through the inky blackness of space, networks that allow us to instantaneously communicate with anyone anywhere on the planet, and examine the minuscule strands of DNA. Why should we not be able to create meaningful work for everyone? This is a design problem and a desire problem, not a capability problem."  - The Work Revolution

Tatjana Luethi
User-Centric, Design Background, Facilitator, Host
MERGE!, MOVE! and FORGE! Women's Conferences 2013

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Announcing Speaker Line-up for TOGETHER! Conference

Hi - it's Tatjana. 

I'm delighted to announce our initial speakers for the 2014 TOGETHER! conference at WeWork in Hollywood

I'm super excited to introduce you to our wide range of progressive and pioneering leaders from the Conscious Capitalism Movement, Conscious Leadership Movement, Conscious Business Development, Alternative Currency Movement, Conscious Business Coalition, Green Business Network, and the UX and Lean Start-up industry.

The TOGETHER! conference is designed to help you learn from a wide range of accomplished entrepreneurs and business experts that are driven by conscious and sustainable business principles delivered to you via interactive panels and hands-on workshops.

Kent Frazier
Principal - ParadoxEdge
Director of Learning & Development - Lieberman Research Worldwide
Co-Founder Conscious Capitalism Chapter LA

Hilary Maler
Associate Marketing Coordinator - Whole Foods Market, Southern Pacific Region

Gene Sullivan Principal - Sullivan Coaching Programs
Certifications: PCC, Master Integral Coach™
Founding Member and Conscious Business Coach - Conscious Business Coalition

Ashely Gibbons
Associate Marketing Coordinator - Whole Foods Market Southern Pacific Region

Eyad Zahra
Los Angeles City Lead - WeWork

Carina Ayden
Founder, Executive Director EFFI Foods

Juston Brommel
CMTO & Managing Partner - BlueFractal
Digital Marketing Course Instructor - General

Steven Michael Ehlinger II
CFO & Managing Partner - BlueFractal / A Strategica, Inc. Co.

Ana Hawk

Francesco Barbera
Corporate Business Lawyer & Advisor - Barbera Corporate Law

Runa Bouius
Entrepreneur & Former CEO
Conscious Business / Leadership Consultant & Catalyst
Board of Advisors & Producer TOGETHER! Conference

Tatjana Luethi
UX Facilitator 
Co-creator & Executive Producer TOGETHER! Conference
Co-creator & Producer MERGE!MOVE! and FORGE! Conference

Jose Caballer
Chief Education Officer - The Skool
Digitial Strategy Director - Blind
Executive Producer MERGE!MOVE!, FORGE!, and TOGETHER! Conference

Rocio Villalobos
Entrepreneur, Creative Director & Founder - VidroMedia
Board of Advisors & Producer TOGETHER! Conference

Our program caters to the woman who desires to generate a live and career of meaning and purpose, who wants to create a platform of financial prosperity and independence, and who believes that business is a scaled version of the self that can be leveraged to make a difference in an area that she deeply cares aboutRegister today to get your Early Bird.

So long for now,
- Tatjana

P.S. Check out to this FREE video clip with Runa Bouius, Conscious Leadership Expert and Catalyst where we discuss "Conscious Business and why the TOGETHER! Conference"

P.P.S: What does love have to do with leadership and conscious business? Article by Runa Bouius: Let's talk Love and Leadership
Tatjana Luethi 
User-Centric, Design Background, Facilitator, Host
MERGE!MOVE! and FORGE! Women's Conferences 2013

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Friday, July 25, 2014

July Skill-Building Workshop For Women: Building a Conscious Business Model

For Women who want to empower themselves and develop the necessary skills to achieve their vision for 2014!

July 29th Workshop:
Creating your CONSCIOUS Business Model, with Gene Sullivan, Principal at Sullivan Coaching at NextSpace Culver City

Join us for a 3-hr workshop with Gene Sullivan, Principal at Sullivan Coaching Programs, and Master Integral Coach™ at Conscious Business Coalition. In this workshop you have an opportunity to explore the key success factors for building a conscious business, to assess where your new or existing business is and where you would like to see it grow. You will leave with a tool and template to help you move your business to the next level in a fashion that stands, honors and values all stakeholders of your business model.

SIGN UP if you would like to:
  • Be part of a small group set-up where you get to interact personally with Gene Sullivan
    (we only have 15 seats available - register right away!)
  • Receive an additional 30 min private review session with Gene if you complete your personal canvas by Aug 10th, 2014
  • Opportunity to share your experience of the Conscious Business Canvas at the TOGETHER! Women’s Conference
  • Early Bird Ticket Offer to attend the TOGETHER! Women’s Conference for $299 (Regular Ticket: $449)
    • Bonus: As a TOGETHER! conference attendee, you also receive: - A 1-month FREE membership ($350 value) to WeWork* - Eligible to win a 1-year FREE membership ($4,200 value) to WeWork* **ONLY 25 EARLY BIRD TICKETS AVAILABLE!!**

About Gene Sullivan:
Gene is the Principal at Sullivan Coaching Programs, Certifications: PCC, Master Integral CoachTM, Conscious Business Coalition and the founding Member and Conscious Business Coach. Gene caters to Executives, Managers, Business Owners and New Entrepreneurs. Whether it be decision making, interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, personal productivity or presentation skills, Gene helps his clients to dramatically improve the quality and effectiveness of their working relationships, to make better decisions, to have more clarity and confidence, produce more results and reduce stress.

To learn more about Conscious Business Coalition see here:

  • Workshop rate: $85
  • Sign-up deadline: Tuesday, July 29th, 2014 at 3pm

  1. Sign up to become a FREE MeetUp member: "The Skool MeetUp for Women"
  2. Purchase your ticket  "Conscious Business Model" via Paypal below:
  • 3hr in-person workshop with guest expert to help you cultivate your ideas & grow your vision, project, product, service or businesses
  • Receive exclusive discounts and offers from our experts
  • Continuously connect, collaborate & get support from like-minded women
  • Build your confidence in an intimate & safe environment

  1. July 29th, 7 - 10pm


NextSpace Culver City
Conference Room
9415 Culver Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232


The Skool MeetUp for Women is a monthly meeting and was established in January 2013 by Tatjana Luethi, Skool Lead Coach, and Jose Caballer, CEO of The Skool. The focus is about creating a new kind of culture and relatedness amongst women and generating an economic infrastructure that includes the POV, approach and values of women. Throughout the year the members benefited from tools and strategies co-lead by Tatjana and Jose to help them cultivate their ideas and grow their vision personally and professionally.

In February 2014, Tatjana collectively designed a new curriculum with the members which allows each woman to achieve her individual goals, as well as scale the vision for the group. This resulted in the launch of the current 6-months “Skill-building workshop series” for its female members. Each month we are featuring a guest expert  to help you grow your vision, project, product, service or business. Each workshop takes place every last Tuesday of the month from 7 - 10pm.

  • Vision: Creating a new culture and economic infrastructure amongst women!

Want to be part of this movement? Join us on July 29th!

- Tatjana

Tatjana Luethi
Skool Lead UX Facilitator:
User Centric, Agile Approach, Design

How to build a conscious business?
Sept 13 & 14, 2014 at WeWork Hollywood

My Blog: How to build a conscious business?
MERGE!, MOVE! and FORGE! Women's Conferences

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

How to build a Conscious Business?

Hi - it's Tatjana. 

Question for you: Are you TIRED of your job??

Or maybe you are looking for a job? Perhaps you might feel "stuck" and need to reinvent yourself...maybe launch a new career? Or you just keep toying with the idea of launching your "own thing"?
I too have asked myself all of these questions. And I realized "reinventing oneself never stops"! I recall this particular day working for a large corporation in the construction industry, staring out the window and thinking to myself “This can’t be it”! I refused to believe that this was all there is to my life and my career - executing a meaningless job, day in day out. What about all that potential and capacity dwelling deep within me? What about meaning and purpose? What about living a life and career that makes a difference? Then, 2008 / 2009 came around. Layoffs and unemployment became a first hand experience for many of us, including myself. Some of you may have opted-out voluntarily to leave the corporate culture all together. On one hand it may have been a relief...for a while. Then it started to feel scary. Now what?
Over the years that followed I committed myself to explore and reassess who I really am and what I really stand for. I took responsibility in "reinventing" myself and to go after a life of meaning and purpose.
And so it is with uttermost excitement that I’d like to introduce you to my 4th Women’s conference! 

In this 7 min YouTube video Rocio Villalobos and I share what this conference is all about, when and where it will take place, who this is for, and what you will get out of it!

Who is this conference for?
Career changers, Creatives, Freelancers, Employees, Solopreneurs, New entrepreneurs, Existing entrepreneurs, and any woman who wants to lead the change she’d like to see!

SIGN UP! and join us if you are:
  • Curious about finding out what exactly a “CONSCIOUS” business is.
  • Wanting more MEANING & PURPOSE in your work!
  • Feeling “stuck”, have lost your passion and want to REINVENT yourself or your direction.
  • Seeking a SAVVY and SUPPORTIVE community of driven and conscious women!
  • Wanting to be part of a bigger picture, a MOVEMENT that stands for a balanced approach to work & life!
  • Thirsty for hands-on instruction from EXPERTS in the Conscious Business Movement, the Conscious Capitalism movement, the UX & Lean Startup industry, the Conscious Business Coalition, and new models of sales, marketing and monetization approaches!

Early Bird Special just for you!
$299 (Regular $449)
BONUS!! As an early bird, you also receive:
  • A 1-month FREE membership ($350 value) to WeWork*
  • Eligible to win a 1-year FREE membership ($4,200 value) to WeWork*


I am super excited, and can't wait 'til September 13th & 14th! I hope you will be there with me, as we collectively continue growing personally and professionally as a group of like-minded women driven and passionate about making a difference in our personal and career lives as well as for our community and society!

TOGETHER we can make a difference!
- Tatjana

P.S. We have only 25 Early Bird Tickets available - don’t miss it!
Tatjana Luethi 
User-Centric, Design Background, Facilitator, Host
My Blog: Poverty Alleviation Through Entrepreneurship
MERGE!MOVE! and FORGE! Women's Conferences 2013

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Picture from 2013 FORGE! Conference at WeWork: Click to view more pictures!

*WeWork is a collaborative, beautiful working space in Hollywood (Santa Monica location is opening in 2015). Both membership offers provides you with a 24/7 work desk, and includes accessibility to nine conference rooms, two  screening rooms, lounges, and other WeWork spaces around the country.  Also included are prints, scan-to-email, fax, and unlimited coffee and beer!

[Note: To activate deal, members must put down a fully refundable deposit.]
The TOGETHER! Conference is presented by Tatjana Luethi &  Jose Caballer, and co-moderated with Runa Bouius.
Executive Producer & Host: Tatjana Luethi.

Board of Advisors: Jose Caballer, Runa Bouius & Rocio Villalobos.
Producers: Runa Bouius & Rocio Villalobos


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

New Strategies for Seniors & Creatives

Hi - it's Tatjana. 

Empowering our Seniors. Strategies for Creatives.

These are the focus for today's post. But before I get going, my hubby and I just got back from a quick trip to Switzerland and Austria, where we briefly visited my mom, my relatives and friends. It has been 3 years since I last saw everyone. Considering that life tends to be busy and that there is never a good time to go, we spontaneously decided to fly to my native country and say "gruezi". We had a great time, and now I'm back in full swing with all of my varies involvements and initiatives to "better the world". So, this month I wanted to bring your attention to a few events that are taking place this upcoming week:


• Wednesday, June 25th, 6 - 8pm at Mar Vista Public Library:

  • Are you a senior concerned about independent living?
  • Are you worried about health and safety and living alone?
  • Are you living of a fixed or restricted income and feel anxious about your financial future?
  • Are you physically restricted and overwhelmed maintaining your home?
  • Are you adult children worried about your aging parents?

Join Sherri Akers and I and tell us your story, thoughts, fears, desires, and needs, and help us generate the data for our city leaders and community councils to redefine independent living and empower our seniors to age in place!

FREE event!


• Fri & Sat, June 27th & 28th in Santa Monica:

  • Are you a graphic designer?
  • Are you a product designer?
  • Are you a creative director?
  • Are you a design agency principal / owner?
  • Or are you a creative that wants to start your own business?
Learn strategic planning specifically designed for the creative at the CORE Strategy Bootcamp For Creatives, presented and lead by Jose Caballer from The Skool andChris Do from Blind!

Special Discount for you!
  • I'm able to offer you a $250 discount off the Regular Price
  • Use this discount code: Tatjana1
  • To redeem this offer use my affiliation link here

There are only a few tickets left!

You will learn the same strategic foundation Jose has been teaching me over the last 2 years to turn visions & ideas into objective roadmaps which I chose to manifest into events, services and products such as the MERGE! MOVE! and FORGE! Women's conference series, the SkoolMeetUp for Women, the KNOW YOURSELF 7-week workshop series for Women (and Teenage Girls), the Senior Roommate Housing Project, and UX & Design workshops I facilitate for clients who want to merge and translate purpose, vision, culture and customer engagement into their brand and website designs.


So, lot's going on this week. I hope to see you at one or the other event, or perhaps all 3 off them!

- Tatjana

P.S. Photo from our trip in Austria! The Upside Down House. We were all tremendously noxious after we got out. So much for alignment and Feng Shui.

P.P.S. Interesting & inspirational reads:
Tatjana Luethi 
User-Centric, Design Background, Facilitator, Host
My Blog: Poverty Alleviation Through Entrepreneurship
MERGE!MOVE! and FORGE! Women's Conferences 2013

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