Saturday, December 27, 2014

Share Your Story and win a $100 VISA Gift Card!

Hi - it's Tatjana.

I recently shared with you my '2014 In Review'.

But what about you?

How are you acknowledging and celebrating the fruits of your labor?
Over the last 2 years over 450+ women have attended our conferences, programs and workshops.

We want to hear from you!

What has happened for you as a direct involvement? How has your life changed? How has it affected your career? How has it created opportunities for you? How has it impacted other areas of your life?
Sometimes we don’t see how much we have accomplished until we reflect and spell it out, make it conscious.
Some people may cringe when they hear the word “accomplishments”. Traditional definitions of ‘accomplishments’ may limit what it means to you to be successful, and hold you back from truly celebrating your personal and professional growth. Give yourself the permission to create your own definition of what accomplishment might look like for your authentic path.
I’ve created a special framework for you, to help you acknowledge, harvest and celebrate the fruits of your labor since you have attended one or all of the following:
  • The 2013 MERGE!MOVE!FORGE! or 2014 TOGETHER! Conference
  • The TOGETHER! MeetUp for Women (former Skool Meetup for Women)
  • The KNOW YOURSELF programs
  • The Stepping Into Your Feminine Leadership programs
  • The Breaking Through Your Inner Glassceiling program
This is an opportunity to appreciate yourself, and celebrate how far you have come in your inner and outer development. Take a moment and allow yourself to reflect.

By sending in your reflections and inspiring success story, you are eligible to win 1 VISA Gift Card in the amount of $100, and be featured on our new website and new landing pages for our programs.

We will select the reflection stories on January 8th, so the reflection survey has to be completed and returned to us by January 7th, 2015.
We truly appreciate you participating in our reflection questionnaire, and thank you for being a part of our programs, conferences and workshops over the past 2 years.
It has been a pleasure working with you! And we are super excited to continue the journey together in 2015!

To access the reflection questionnaire click HERE

- Tatjana
Tatjana Luethi
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