Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What does User Experience Practices have to do with Evolution?

Heya Everyone,

Ever heard the term User Experience design? And what does it have to do with self-development, growth, evolution, well, creating new cultures and societies? Well, here is how I see it:

Technically Speaking
User experience (UX or UE) is a term used specifically in the web design and product design industries that refers to the combined perception of a product (website or otherwise) that a “user” (the person using it) has while interacting with it. Eg. “That website was so easy, it has a great user experience.”

My First User Experience, Experience
The first time I got exposed to this term was in 2012 and I thought it only pertained to “designing” a product. However, after I began to work with Jose Caballer, Chief Education Officer at The Skool, I discovered it is not necessarily referring to just a tangible product, but it also refers to what your experience is when interacting with any part of a brand, across all touch points ranging from customer service, mobile app, marketing, ads, social networks, etc.  You are having a “user experience” when engaging with pretty much anyone or anything from a particular company. So, how about using this approach to authentically direct and design human experiences?

People and Dynamics
I have always had a fascination with analyzing the underlying dynamics between people and a society. My discovery of user experience practices and frameworks allows me to combine those interests and explore how to design “human experiences”, specifically a new kind of “relatedness” between people. I see a deep desire and need amongst women to pioneer new structures and formats that would allow us to self-actualize and express our full range of abilities and talents as women. Therefore, my focus became to work with women as they are eager and receptive to it. All of this is rooted in my own journey. I'm a seeker, constantly striving and developing myself has been the motivation behind my own evolution, and my alignment with The Skool in co-creating the MERGE! and MOVE! Conference. I see the same hunger in many of you, in our community as a whole. Women and men are longing for new structures and values to create more meaning and purpose in their lives and careers, for more health and sustainability, for more balance.

UX - The Platform for A new Human Experience
When I first became aware of user experience practices I realized that these principles are the next step in our evolution both on a business level and on personal level. The focus on understanding others, theirs needs and goals and just the relatedness in the approach make it clear to me that UX practices and principles will be the new framework of how we relate to others interpersonally, employees collaborating within a team (internal), or a brand relating to its customers (external). I believe user experience practices will become the new standard process for creating a healthy, wholesome, authentic and related future and culture.

A Merged Me
What I am today is the merging of my passion and interest in self-growth and development and my professional experience and background as a designer and former commercial Swiss banker. Today I produce, host and coach women's courses, workshops and conferences that combine 1) personal growth & development, 2) strategies and structures to manifest that vision, and 3) explore systems and platforms to execute on that vision. Simultaneously, I collaborate as a creative director, designer and project manager with a pool of creatives designing the functionality and visual design ranging for small to large corporate websites.

Let the collaboration continue!

- Tatjana

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