Friday, December 26, 2014

2014 In Review

Hi - it's Tatjana.

I've had a an exciting and a challenging year! Yet, the best word to summarize the theme and overall experience of 2014 is


I want to take a moment and extend a special "Thank You" to all of you for either your direct involvement and collaboration with one or multiple undertakings of mine, your support, and or simply your continuous readership. Here is a quick review...


TOGETHER! Conference

I co-produced my 4th Women's conference TOGETHER! with two amazing women: Runa Bouius, Corporate Conscious Leadership Consultant, and Rocio Villalobos, Founder of VidroMedia.

Together we had an opportunity to work jointly with other phenomenal individuals and organizations such as Whole Foods Market Venice and Hollywood, WeWork Hollywood, The Skool, Blind Inc., The Conscious Capitalism Chapter Los Angeles, The Working Revolution, EFFI Foods, Groundworks Coffee, The Green Business Networking, NextSpace, Art Center College of Design, AIGA, DSJ Printing, Facilitation Graphics, Epos Inc., Stray Poodle Media, Iclandic Glacial, The Auburn Sky Imaging, Causecast, The Los Angeles User Experience MeetUp, Tribemint, and so many more.

The focus of the TOGETHER! Conference was to foster women's empowerment, development, leadership and entrepreneurial skill-building. The theme was: How to build a Conscious Business.



Graphic Credits: Greg Whicker

Photo Credits: Chris Molina: The Auburn Sky Imaging

>> To view all conference pictures click HERE



TOGETHER! Post-Conference Holiday Party

Special thanks to the team at Whole Foods Market Venice for hosting and sponsoring the TOGETHER! Post-conference Holiday Party!


>> To view all TOGETHER! Post-Conference Holiday Party pictures click HERE


TOGETHER! MeetUp for Women

Please note: Our monthly MeetUp group has been renamed from "The Skool MeetUp for Women" to new: TOGETHER! MeetUp for Women

Creating a new culture and economic infrastructure amongst women. This group is for women who want to merge their personal and professional experience, and their life and career with a meaningful, purpose-driven and prosperous livelihood while making a profound impact and contribution to our community, our culture and society.

Join a progressive group of women and let's do it together! It's hard to reinvent oneself alone. Together is way more fun!

>> The next meeting will take place on Tuesday, January 27th, 2015 from 7.30 - 9.30pm. Special thanks to our continuous venue sponsor NextSpace in Culver City.


CORE UX Facilitation

I absolutely loved the collaboration with Rocio Villalobos, Founder of VidroMedia, where I spearheaded the UX facilitation for new and existing clients of VidroMedia.

What is CORE UX Facilitation?
The CORE UX Strategy was developed by The Skool.
I use it as an easy, fast and efficient strategic planning framework to help creatives, solo entrepreneurs, and business owners create a clear brand and user-oriented strategy to implement their goals, reduce time, money and waste and generate an authentic brand experience for their customers.

>> Need to develop an authentic brand experience, clear user definitions and a roadmap for a new idea, project, or business? Make sure to include me on your team in 2015!


Over the last two years I've created a lot of content and launched various workshops for women where I combined personal growth and development practices with UX and Lean StartUp philosophies. My latest workshop was called KNOW YOURSELF, which I taught in Spring and Fall of 2014.
Focus: For women who want to learn a fun and easy process to find clarity, definition, and direction for a meaningful life and career.

Below is a snap shot of testimonials from a few participants:
“Tatjana's course is perfectly designed to introduce you to the power that comes from making time for yourself. It is a meaningful investment that provides the tools you need to start the process of purposefully defining yourself. I learned the role old patterns play in preventing us from expressing our true self. Through constant awareness and recognition - we can break patterns and live life as practice. The most helpful practices were around how to navigate conflict. I now know to be more conscience of what is triggering me to react instead of respond. I will pause to set an intention to deliver a genuine response rather than a damaging reaction”.

  • Rachel Caraviello
    VP, Programs and Services, Affordable Living for the Aging

“Tatjana's workshop is an amazing opportunity for self exploration, awareness, and appreciation. I think any woman, whether she is exploring personal or professional empowerment, will benefit from this workshop as a course in self-empowerment through self realization.
  • Hilary Maler
    Associate Marketing Coordinator, Whole Foods Market Southern Pacific Region

“Thank you for delivering such an inspiring and empowering course. I looked forward to the weekly introspection, connection, and inspiration, and appreciated the supportive group of like-minded women who were also seeking more clarity, purpose and meaning in their lives. It’s comforting to know that I’m not the only one trying to reinvent myself! The workshop was well-designed, structured, and organized. Your leadership and the weekly course material helped to catalyze inquiry, creativity, and insight. The interactive format provided a nice way to build connections and spark new thoughts and ideas.  I’m always amazed at your ability to listen and hear between the lines. You synthesize what people say and articulate it back in an even more meaningful, enlightening way”.
  • Ellen Vash
    Sales & Marketing Representative

>> Stay tuned for a new course to be announced in the New Year!


Senior Roommate Housing Project

As most of you know, we had a tragic death in our family last November of 2013. As a result I launched the Senior Roommate Housing Project. Did you ever wonder what happened to that?

Well, shortly after I conducted my first workshop in March 2014 to take assessment of our local seniors biggest needs, hopes and desires I published my findings on my blog and newsletter. Shortly after, I got connected with Sherri Akers, a powerful and passionate community activist in Mar Vista. We collaborated on the second workshop and within a short period of time Sherri launched the Mar Vista Community Council - Ad-Hoc Committee Aging in Place.

We meet every third Thursday of the month. We've had five committee meetings and are steadily growing with more people joining to make a difference in our local community.

The mission of the Mar Vista Community Council - Aging in Place Ad Hoc Committee (MVCCAIP) is to provide an empowering voice and a network of resources to our diverse community of seniors.
  • Receive updates by signing up for our MVCC AIP newsletter HERE
  • Join our Facebook group launched by Sherri Akers HERE

>> Do you know a senior concerned about independent living? Spread the word and join the January 2015 "Discussion Workshop with other local seniors".

For details see HERE


So, that's pretty much it for today. Thank you all for a great 2014! I can't wait to see what new and amazing things will unfold in the New Year. Let's make sure we get to generate something powerful together!

Wishing you all a very happy Holiday Season und einen Guten Rutsch ins Neue Jahr (go google that).

- Tatjana
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English is not my native language. I’m not a perfectionist either (given up on that). I like to get “things done though” in a lean and minimal viable approach. I hope you can forgive some of my incorrect English and rather focus on the values, vision and messages I stand for!