Monday, April 15, 2013

Videos & Pictures from the MERGE! Conference

Heya All,

Here are finally a few video clips from the 2-day MERGE! Conference that I co-produced with Jose Caballer, CEO at The Skool on March 2nd and 3rd of 2013. This conference was designed for women who consider themselves cultural creatives / social artists and are thinking of or in the process of changing into a more fulfilling career!

Merge Conference: Conversation: Obstacles for Co-Creation (Sunday):

Merge Conference: Welcome (Sunday):

MERGE Conference:Gedina Performance:

The Merge Conference Panel: User Experiences, Practices and Approach (Sunday): 

Shares at the MERGE! Conference (Sunday):

Prior to the MERGE! CONFERENCE - Conversation with Lina Shanklin:

Jose Caballer & Tatjana Luethi

Lina Shanklin and Tatjana Luethi

Performance by Gedina, as seen on The Voice

Jose Caballer & Tatjana Luethi

Lina Shanklin, Monique Svazlian & Tatjana Luethi

Jose Caballer, CEO at The Skool

Canice Cross

Kim Ramos & Melinda Hsu Taylor

Staging, Audio & Video: Joel Clare Media

Jen Bilik, CEO Knock Knock

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Presenting Partner: Filter Digital

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We are currently in the middle of preparing for our next conference called MOVE! A 2 day conference for women who want to take their idea and make it into a movement!

Stay tuned for more!