Saturday, March 16, 2013

Breaking Through Your Inner Glass Ceiling!

2  Half-day Workshops: Saturday Afternoon March 30 & April 6 with Tatjana Luethi and Lina Shanklin

Set yourself free to express your gifts, talents and abilities in a meaningful and purpose-driven livelihood while making your biggest contribution to our community and society.

We are in a time right now where women are openly expressing their desire to actualize their unrealized potentials beyond the tasks and roles they are currently executing in their daily lives and careers. There is a deep yearning to use our natural gifts, talents and abilities not only for personal fulfillment and satisfaction, but also as a means to make a profound contribution to our community and society through our life and our careers.  
However, for many of us, it is our experience that the qualities we’d like to engage, and the way we’d like to contribute are not necessarily valued, rewarded or compensated for inside our current corporate structure and culture. At least not yet. It seems that in order to make a living we still have to align ourselves with the existing system and mold ourselves into  structures and organizations that don’t recognize or use our gifts and talents.  This leaves us feeling with a sense of emptiness, incompleteness, dissatisfaction, frustration, tension, perhaps even depression, but also it has led us to believe that we are not valuable.  We end up  loosing faith in ourselves and faith that the world doesn’t want what we have to offer.

The good news is if you are feeling this way, it’s not personal.  You’re not crazy.  You’re right on track and waking up.   We know that from working with 1000’s of women that these feelings and symptoms of being off-track, trying to fit in and yet losing yourself are being experienced by women everywhere whether you are starting out on your first steps in creating a career, or are already having success, or feeling like you’ve invested in a career that doesn’t fit you anymore, but are afraid to let go of what you’ve known.

What is waking you up in you is that we hold the potential as no other group of women before in ALL of human history to influence our world and create a better future for ourselves and for others as never before.  We’re all being called to fulfill on the potentials we each hold.   And  those potentials, your gifts and talents are what the world deeply needs at this critical time. You truly matter.

In this 2 half-day workshop we’ll engage in in-depth conversations, powerful tested practices and principles where you will

●     Break through your own inner glass ceiling
●     Free yourself from the blocks and fears that have held you back.
●     Create clarity around your potentials and capacities
●     Define your real sense of self, value and how much you matter
●     Define your vision for creating a meaningful and purpose-driven livelihood while making your biggest contribution to our community and society.

●      Women who want to create a life of meaning and purpose
●      Women who want to embrace their own unique gifts & talents
●      Women who see themselves making a profound contribution to our community and our society

●        Visual Step-by-Step tools
●        Resources for on-going in depth work &  momentum  
●        An inspiring community of like-minded women  

• Saturday, March 30th, 2013
Noon - 5pm

• Saturday, April 6th, 2013
Noon - 5pm

Private Home in West Los Angeles
(Address to be emailed after registration)

Lina Shanklin, MA, MS
Master Transformative Coach & Workshop Leader
Senior Leader-Coach, Global Feminine Power Community

Tatjana Luethi
Graphic Designer & Lead Skool Coach / Community Builder at The Skool
Producer of MERGE! Conference

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