Monday, December 24, 2012

Launching: Skool MeetUp For Evolutionary Women

Heya All,
I'm super excited to announce the launching of my "Skool MeetUp Group For Evolutionary Women" on January 29th, 2013:
Women re-defining their careers and their lives while
re-shaping our society and culture!

The “Skool MeetUp for Evolutionary Women” is a Skool MeetUp with a specific focus on women and women's evolution, enabling and empowering women who desire to merge their personal and professional experience, and their life and career with a meaningful, purpose-driven and prosperous livelihood while making a profound impact and contribution to our community, our culture and society.
In this collaborative set-up we will engage in deep, thought-provoking and inspiring conversations and explore it's direct relationship to making a difference in the community, in society and in the world. The purpose is to provide a safe space and container for women to come together and practice this new kind of relatedness and collaboration between women, co-creating and generating a new kind of culture and leadership.

Who is it for?
- Women in Los Angeles who are seeking to create a meaningful, purpose-driven and prosperous livelihood
- Women with a vision for a community project
- Women with an existing community project
- Women who want to get involved in creating projects that make a difference
- Women who want to be part of this new culture and movement

What will we be engaging in?
We'll engage in topics such as how creative self-expression can become a critical vehicle in making a profound difference and contribution in the life of others, our society, and our world. We will engage into a conversation about self-expression and creativity. What does it mean to be creative? And how does that relate to a sense of personal fulfillment, meaning and purpose? How can creative self-expression at its highest form become a vehicle to make a difference in the lives of others? And what happens when you utilize your creative self-expression with a deep relatedness and understanding of the unmet needs of others? How does all this relate to women's leadership? And why does women's leadership matter in this very moment of history?

About The Skool:
In an ongoing effort to provide the highest quality of customer-relevant solutions, The Skool MeetUp Group for Evolutionary Women is a sub-branch / avenue for The Skool to research, understand and relate to the goals and needs of women who desire to make a difference in the community. Through direct immersion and involvement with these pioneering women The Skool will gain a better understanding and relatedness of how best to serve these women, further developing and providing creative customer-relevant products and services.

It is our vision to empower women and provide creative business methods and processes on how to merge creative self-expression with the unmet needs of others. The Skool OS provides the creative business structure and bridges inner creative self-expression into a tool of service so as to make a difference and contribution in the external world.

How to become part of this movement:
To join our events and to stay up to date, please become a member on Membership is free:

Hosted and facilitated by:
Tatjana Luethi

Produced by:
The Skool

Event Cost:

We'll provide:
Snacks and beverage

How to become part of this movement?
To join our events and to stay up to date, please become a member on