Friday, December 21, 2012

Mar Vista Retiree Community Project

Heya All,

I'm very excited to announce the launch of a new project in January 2013.

Meeting:  Monday, Jan. 7th, 2013, from 2 - 3pm
Mar Vista
Retiree Community Project

Please join us in re-defining the value, purpose and meaning of our retirees and elderly in our immediate, local neighborhood!

Who is it for?
Retired men and women who would like to offer their services, resources and 
experience to other retirees and their community.

What is it?
The Mar Vista Retiree Community Project is a pilot program that I launched inspired by a 90 year old family member, Bill Duff who desires to offer his resources and knowledge to help and support others in his immediate community. Due to his health and physical limitations, as well as not being able to stay up to date with the fast paced innovations and advancement of our technology age, I decided to launch a platform that would enable valuable members of our society  such like him and others to offer and exchange their underutilized resources  with each other.

This program is designed specifically for the retiree and the elderly who is seeking to continuously stay socially engaged, interact and intermingle with other retirees so as to generate meaning, purpose, and companionship amongst each other. The setup and structure is a self-help exploration on how the retired community themselves can empower each other and participate in creating a community and an economic system that matches unmet needs with available resources. In short, it is our intention to enable our retirees to recognize and embrace the incredible value and wisdom of  their personal, professional and life experience (underutilized resources), and match them with the unmet needs of other retirees that remain unfulfilled after conventional transactions and systems have taken place. This exchange can take place with or without monetary exchange, and perhaps transform into a platform such as a barter system and the creation of a social community currency.  It is a vision that fosters and cultivates a new kind of honoring and respect for the wisdom of our elders, with the hopes to reignite their spirit, recalibrate their lives, infuse self-actualization, and leverage creative self-expression as a vehicle to make a difference in the lives of others.

This is a pilot program with the objective to generate a repeatable model to be used and implemented by other seniors in their immediate accessible neighborhood.

Who is it for?
* Retired  men and women who are seeking to create meaning, purpose and support 
  for themselves and other fellow retired citizens in their own neighborhood
* Retired  man and women who would like to offer their services, resources and 
  experience to other retirees and their community
* Retired  men and women who desire companionship, and engagement in the 
* Retired  men and women who want to participate and contribute to the formation 
  of such a program and culture. 
* Men and women of any age who would like to partner and collaborate on the 
  formation of such a program and culture

What will we cover in our first meeting?
 * Why are we doing this
 * Defining your needs and desires
 * Defining your resources, services and expertise you want to offer
 * Defining an easy accessible location (underutilized resource) for regular meet ups
 * Defining a platform for communication and exchange information
Date & Time:Monday, Jan 7th, 2013
2:00pm - 3:00pm

Penmar Park & Rec Center

1341 Lake Street
Venice, CA 90291
See Map: us next to playground.



Hosted & Moderated by:
Bill Duff & Tatjana Luethi &
Meta Buchheim

Produced by:
Tatjana Luethi