Friday, January 4, 2013

MERGE CONFERENCE: For Women who desire to merge their passion and their profession!

Hi All,

Wow, 2013 is here! The New Year really hasn't left me much of a breather! Everything is moving super fast! So if you wanna' ride with me, buckle up and let's go!

Yep, in conjunction with the launch of our Skool MeetUp For Evolutionary Women in West Los Angeles as announced last week, we are pleased to announce MERGE! A 2-day conference for women presented and produced by The Skool. This conference is for women only (sorry guys) who consider themselves social artists / cultural creatives and are thinking of or in the process of changing / shifting careers!

MERGE is a 2 day conference for women who desire to merge their personal and professional experience with a meaningful, purpose-driven and prosperous livelihood as a vehicle to make a profound contribution to the lives of others and our community! 

Conference Pre-sale package includes:

  • 40% Discount to Conference ($449 regular price)
  • 3 Month Subscription to The Skool LIVE ($225 value)
  • That's $1,173 of Skool Tools for $179!

Only 10 Pre-Sale Package tickets are available. Offer ends January 9th 2013

To purchase your ticket today, click HERE

This conference is designed to provide you with inspiration, community and actionable tools! We'll be listening to amazing interviews + engage in actionable workshops + stimulating talks!

Who is this conference for:
Women who consider themselves creators, artists, designers, storytellers, caregivers, big picture thinkers and corporate executives looking for a change!

• Film & TV professionals transitioning to online media
• Artists wanting to build a successful practice
• In legal, banking, medical, but really want to express and engage in something creative
• Designers transitioning from print to web
• Women who want to redefine the boundaries of their own creativity

What we will discuss and do together:

• Why the future belongs to women
• Define your personal brand
• Define your community
• Define your goals
• Designing a road map
• The mind & the spirit
• What is the future of creativity?
• How to make it all work and remove obstacles?

What you will tangibly get:

• Visual Step-by-Step tools
• A collaborative environment safe for ideas
• A community of like-minded women
• Guaranteed fun!

Hosted by:

Tatjana Luethi
Graphic Designer & Lead Skool Coach

Opening and Interviews by:

Jose Caballer
Chief Education Officer, The Skool


Crystal Ehrlich
User Experience Guru

Roxanne Lyn King

Dorit Cypis
Artist & Mediator

Brandice Payne
Managing Director Launch TV

Irma Sanchez
TV and Radio Host

More to Be Announced!

Produced by: The Skool
Executive Producer: Jose Jaballer
Producer: Tatjana Luethi