Sunday, August 14, 2011

Snippets: I wonder who I am

Snippets from my correspondence with other women


Hi “A”,

I totally appreciate you sharing "I'm learning to be me for the first time.  I still have moments in which I don't feel the ground under me - I wonder who I am".

I too, was going through a phase of "who am I" after I got laid off from my social and corporate identity I have been operating form during the economic crash that started in 2008. I felt stripped off the social identity I have been living from, standing there bare-naked down to the bone. Overnight I suddenly had no identity at all (well, in ego-terms) as all roles, duties and responsibilities vanished in seconds. Although it was economically and financially a very hard time to survive, the crisis provided me with an opportunity to get in touch with my "authentic depth and powers".

First I dwelled in my self-pity-party (victimhood) over what has been done "to" me. That actually helped me in becoming present to my emotions. From there I seemed to move on to connecting inwards, a journey of self-discovery. Listening to Claire and Katherine's women dialogues/interviews over the last two years has greatly helped me to locate myself, to verbalize my emotions, feelings and experiences as I was able to listen in to other women's experiences and wisdom.