Sunday, August 14, 2011

Snippets: Setting an intention

Snippets from my correspondence with other women


Hello everyone,

Thank you “L” for your wonderful and inspiring welcome post. My name is Tatjana Luethi and I live in Los Angeles. Originally I'm from Switzerland and moved to Los Angeles 16 years ago. I've done many things in my life, but always have been missing a sense of purpose, mission, and fulfillment in most of those areas. It seemed to be an "either, or" scenario, either it would be a job and make money, but wouldn't provide meaning/purpose/fulfillment. And or if I was on a path of purpose and meaning I couldn't make a living with it.

I think in looking back I have definitely mostly operated from the masculine qualities, and listening to Katherine and Claire's dialogue interviews with all these amazing women over the last 2 years has definitely helped "locating and observing" myself in this society. Now I think it's simply a matter of finding my authentic and autonomous voice in the world. I kinda’ feel I already have stepped into my authentic power, but, how do you put that into words? How do I verbalize, specifically pin point what my authentic self is? I almost feel it's formless, and cannot be verbalized, but only be "stepping into" as it seems to be a "space or power". And maybe from there it then can find varies "expressions" in the world…maybe in forms of projects, societal movements, change, inspiration etc., I don't know yet. I wonder if wanting to give it "form" (meaning verbalizing, pin pointing) may actually derive from my masculine reference point, how ironic, right? So I think I'm going to change my vocabulary from authentic self, to "my authentic power".

So, here is one out of my intentions I created for our 7-week workshop:

1a) I feel there is a split between what I am on the inside and the behavior that I have to display in the working (patriarchal) world. Therefore, I'm yearning to merge/align my authentic and autonomous powers with a work life that turns a mundane job/career into a meaningful vocation that then will allow me to cover my economic necessities and survival while initiating, catalyzing and expressing projects in ways that will contribute to a new structure, society, paradigm in this world.

So long...