Sunday, August 14, 2011

Snippets: 3 observations I got present to today

Snippets from my correspondence with other women


I just listened to the recorded audio, and there are 3 observations I got present to about myself:

1) For some strange reason I got emotionally touched during the welcoming of all the participating women. Hearing the names and countries of everyone participating brought tears to my eyes, I don't really know why. There was a sense of.....don't really know, I will keep exploring that one.

2) The reason why I registered for this course is because I felt that I needed to connect, surround and expose myself for guidance to those who already have made the "reconnection" (Claire and Katherine) as well as hold that intention with all of you participating. I felt that this would be vital for me in making the transition into my own authentic power. I wasn't sure if I could hold the clarity to make the transition on my own, and also remain centered and grounded in it considering that we still have to live and work with one foot in the current patriarchal system out of economic and survival necessities.... until we are able to transform the system collectively :-)

3) As for living in a time now where women have the freedom and liberty like never experienced before in history.... I’m actually wondering if freedom and liberty may be the root of the challenge to find one's authentic self? We women have such infinite choices and possibilities now, is that why some of us cannot pin point our purpose yet? Is it possible that we are so overwhelmed with all these free flowing, liberated energies that we don't know what to do with all of these choices and possibilities, that we don't know yet how to channel/manifest them into this world?

Those are some thoughts, questions and feelings that came up for me during session 1. Thought I would share :-).