Sunday, August 14, 2011

Snippets: Get paid with the things I love doing


Hi "E",

I so totally identify with you saying "to figure out how to get paid with the things I love doing". I myself have been struggling with how to merge those two worlds; the external world of economic survival and necessities, and the integration of my inner authentic self into my external work life.

So far it seemed to be either or. If you go for authenticity and integrity we might go broke. Yet, now that I have fully tasted my authentic self, it's even harder to stay "submissive, quiet".
I guess now it's a matter for me to locate a work environment that values and nurtures authenticity and integrity. Unfortunately, the current economy is tough. I have experienced layoff's and unemployment myself since 2008, and recently was lucky to get "back into another job", at the cost of selling my soul. Bring forth possibilities on merging my authentic self and my vocation is why I signed up for this course. I think we will be in for an interesting journey :-).