Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Women's Cirlce Part 1: Feminine versus Masculine Approach?

Heya lovely ladies,

Petra, Candice and I wanted to thank you from the bottom of our heart for your attendance and your presence on Saturday, March 31st, 2012. It is a very amazing experience for us to share this topic with you, where we collectively delve and engage into the "deeper truth" of who we are...where we inquire about the essence that lies at the chore of our being, that part of ourselves that lives beyond the conditioned personality we have adopted and constructed so as "to make it" in this society. In short, this is a collective journey of "locating and observing and re-positioning" ourselves inside the dynamics of our family, our society, our culture and the current power system at making aware where we have been giving our personal and collective power away.

The intention of our monthly gathering is to generate and provide a safe and loving "container" for each one of us to re-connect to our own deeper truth, value and self-worth. It's re-entering your own space of "self empowerment", basically establishing a new, healthy, empowered relationship to the Self. We briefly touched that topic when we talked about the establishment of a self-parenting model between our Younger Self (YS) and the Adult Self (AS).

We will start out by exploring our own masculine versus feminine approach and process that we draw upon as we go about creating things in life. From there we then will peel off layer by layer of conditioned residue that has fogged up and severed the connection to our own value, self-worth, power, confidence and clarity of our Chore Self. To do so we first have to make aware which space we are currently most identified with, meaning, which space do we mostly operate from as we go through our daily lives?

In preparation for a real juicy, stimulating, enhancing, and developmental conversation I invite you to ponder, reflect and journal the questions below. I have a feeling that you may need a bit of inspiration to get started, so here are two of my postings I wrote on the topic of feminine / masculine approaches. I hope they will help establish a context for you:

Reassessing my relationship with power (shorter version):

1) Reflection question:

  • What do you believe is your current approach in life so as to create and generate "things" in your life? In other words, "how do you get things done"? Do you think you engage in a more masculine approach, or a more feminine approach?
To reflect and answer this question it might help to state your current assumptions about the difference between a masculine and feminine approach.

2) Practice becoming aware:

  • For the next 3 weeks, can you notice which energies / qualities / approaches you catch yourself engaging in order to access THE POWER TO CREATE things in life?
The intention for this question / practice is to become aware where you are sourcing POWER from. I carry a journal with me, it really helps to write down my observations as I suddenly become aware of them.

3) Noticing the impact:
The questions above and the time line 'til our next gathering are set up to be EXPERIENTIAL. Meaning, over time as you reflect on No. 1 and practice No. 2, you will have certain "EXPERIENCES" of awareness and insights (mentally, physically or both). These in turn will function as your own personal experiential platform to draw from, and grow from and share from as it relates to building self-awareness. This is what I meant by "sharing from your own experience". So, having said that...
  • ...can you start noticing in which areas you show up more in the masculine, and in which areas you show up more in the feminine? What are the gains of being in the masculine / feminine? What are the costs of being in the masculine / feminine?

Alright, I think that was a mouthful, and should definitely keep you busy 'til we meet again on APRIL 28TH! Please mark this day on your calendar. I will also send out an official invitation shortly.

Also, please note, this is not mandatory home work in order to be part of our woman's circle :-). Feel free to engage as much or as little as you wish, or, not at all, it's really up to you. If you would like to share and post your thoughts and insight you can do so on this thread. If you feel comfortable enough, feel free to post your share under the "comments" box below (you can create an anonymous account), or simply bring your shares to our next gathering.

So long ladies,