Saturday, March 17, 2012

Let's have a synergistic, developmental conversation!

Heya there,

It has been a long time since I've blogged. It also has been a long time since I've organized and hosted an event. So, I'm very excited to announce an upcoming event my friend Petra and I decided to collaborate with each other. This is a women's event only. It's our first gathering by women for women to come together inside a structure of what we call "empowering, developmental conversations".

The intention is to create a safe and synergistic space with other women who are interested in exploring their own personal growth & potential as it relates to having discussions, brain storming sessions, and collaborations about topics such as love and relationships, family and children, work and career, health & wellness, food & community, and social and environmental issues on a local and global level. The difference for this women's set up is that we are doing so inside a "developmental context". By "developmental" we invite and guide you to shift perspective on what we perceive as issues, challenges, obstacles, set backs, disappointments, failures or challenges inside the topics listed above and start exploring them as "opportunities" to grow from. In other words, what if we could step into this idea that events, failures, disappointments, and break downs are actually "developmental platforms" for us to become that which we sense ourselves to be deep down, and that they key for growth and evolution lies in how we navigate and work with these "obstacles"? How would you relate to these “obstacles” if you could see them as absolutely critical to the unfolding of your potential you sense deep within, yet haven’t found the clarity and confidence to express?

Where and when:
If you are excited and interested about the potentials of being part of a synergistic women’s network please join Petra and me on Saturday afternoon, March 31st. (Sorry, I won't be listing  my address here. If you are in Los Angeles and interested in attending please send me an email to: tatjana at theswisszone dot com).
What to bring:
This is a potluck style event, and we would love for you to bring food to be shared that is ORGANIC, and prepared or purchased in a way that supports the local community. Please do not bring any Styrofoam containers, as this is an environmentally friendly organized event :-). I will have dishes, utensils and glassware available.

Invite others:
Feel free to invite any of your female friends (this is a women’s event only).

Looking very much forward to our first women's gathering, a space to support, grow, foster, nurture, and collaborate in discovering the depth, strength and wisdom of our collective Essence!


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