Sunday, August 14, 2011

Snippets: Gary Zuka - Aligning our personality with our Soul

Snippets from my correspondence with other women

Hi “M”,

Thank you so much for the reference. I will go and check out Gary Zuka's website. As for "authentic power "aligning our personality with our soul", it reminds me of a book I recently read by James Hollis PH.D.:

"Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life - How to finally grow up".

Hollis talks about distinguishing which space we are operating from, the ego space, or from the soul space. I have come to my share of realization & awareness about my "operating system". Then he talked about the dis-identification process of the ego (which I experienced as dissatisfaction, unhappiness, restlessness, depression, lack of purpose/fulfillment, yearning for something bigger, etc, which manifested all up into a mid-life crises).

In other words he says that a mid-life crises is the ego's dis-identification process. I guess you could call it the death of the ego's "selfish" powers. In short, after going through this dis-identification process, the ego is not dead, through awareness we simply reposition its "strength and power" so as to serve to the emergence of our soul or authentic self. Or in Gary's words, realign our personality (ego) with our soul. I found this insight fascinating!

It's kinda’ similar what we are doing with the masculine/feminine reflection assignment. Which qualities are we drawing upon to access power to create X, Y, Z? If I take it a step further, how about asking: Have I drawn upon power so as to serve my ego (-demands), or to serve the emergence and expression of my soul/authentic self? This is all so interesting to me!

I am doing this teleseminar with two other girlfriends, hence the three pictures :-). Since we are doing this in collaboration "with" each other I thought it would be something new and different to display all three of us in the picture.

It is such a pleasure to be with all of you during this journey of stepping into uncharted territory. Let's see what we can do all together in collaboration!