Sunday, May 18, 2014

Poverty Alleviation through Entrepreneurship

Hi - it's Tatjana. 
  • What does entrepreneurship have to do with alleviating poverty? And what does that have to do with Whole Foods?
  • How does the Whole Planet Foundation empower women in America?
  • Who is Muhammad Yunus, and how does the Grameen Group Lending Model represent a new approach in fostering responsibility, scale self-employment, and generate a self-sustaining communal network among the poor?
  • AND...what does all of this have to do with what's happening in our own immediate backyard?

Here is how you will find out!

Download the FREE 26-min interview (mp3) that I conducted in March of 2014 with Hilary Mahler, Associate Marketing Coordinator for Whole Foods Market Southern Pacific Region.

So, what's the point for my post / audio interview today?

Well, Muhammad Yunus says it best "all humans are born entrepreneurs".

So let me ask you:
How might entrepreneurship represent a structure for self-empowerment for you? How might it possibly function as an extension and scaling of your own unique, authentic and creative self-expression of who you are and what you stand for at the core of your essence? Exploring the world and your abilities from that deeper authentic space, how would you redefine your "own leadership" in your life? And how might expressing from that deeper core become a contribution to others?

I think Muhammad represents a great example for all of us to explore our own abilities and potentials buried deep within...

Inner and outer skill-development:
With the above context and questions in mind, what are the steps you need to take and the skills to develop to powerfully create the future you envision (for yourself and for others)? What's the growth and development you need to commit to in order to realize and fulfill on the vision you have, and what you sense yourself capable of deep within?

It's an inquiry for all of us to ponder...

Below is a list of resources that were mentioned during my interview with Hilary Mahler:
So long for now, and allow yourself to dream and ponder...after all, it starts with a dream!

- Tatjana

P.S. Photo Credit on top: Hilary Maler (Kerala India, July 2012)!

P.P.S. The list of Whole Foods events mentioned in the interview are not listed, as the Whole Planet Foundation events campaign took place in March and April (yes, I know, I'm a bit late with this posting). However, stay tuned for future information on related events.
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