Friday, March 14, 2014

How to create successful events?

In 2013, Jose Caballer and I produced 3 conferences, 12 monthly meetup's, weekly podcasts, and countless workshops. What has been the secret to Jose Caballer and I producing so many successful events last year?
Let me share a little secret with you - it all has to do with our "approach".
For example, let's look at the last Skool MeetUp for Women meeting this past February. If you attended you got to witness the approach in full action. What you saw me apply to our conversation is a combination of various tools, principles and practices:
  1. Customer-centric process
  2. Agile Project Management
  3. 21st Century value-based interaction

So what does that mean?
1. A customer-centric process is one that focuses on the customers needs and goals. It becomes your driver to develop relevant services and products for your clients. Yup, that's right, you can let go of thinking you need to know it all, and let the customers inform you.
2. I incorporated principles used in agile project management, originally derived from the software world. In our case we simply adapt the principles to "human interaction" i.e., organic conversations & flexible objectives (versus rigidly holding onto our vision, structure and approach). Which allowed me to easily adjust how to best serve everyone's needs, and iterate on how we'll approach helping everyone reach their personal & professional goals for 2014.
3. All of this while interacting with each other inside of a 21st Century value-based paradigm (authentic, sincere, collaborative, collective, co-creative). 

The Result?
We collectively designed a new curriculum for The Skool MeetUp for Women which will allow us to achieve our individual and group goals, as well as scale our vision for 2014.

In short, for the next 6 months, we collectively decided to immerse ourselves into intensive skill-building workshops.

If you are interested to check out the curriculum we created, and find out about our guest expert speaker series for March, please see here.


The Skool MeetUp for Women is a monthly meeting and was established in January 2013 by Tatjana Luethi, Skool Lead Coach, and Jose Caballer, CEO of The Skool. The focus is about creating a new kind of culture and relatedness amongst women and generating an economic infrastructure that includes the POV, approach and values of women. Throughout the year the members benefited from tools and strategies co-lead by Tatjana and Jose to help them cultivate their ideas and grow their vision personally and professionally.

In January and February 2014, Tatjana collectively designed a new curriculum with the members which will allow each woman to achieve her individual goals, as well as scale the vision for the group.

Join the movement! Women supporting Women in re-defining their lives and career while reshaping our culture and society!

So long for now,

- Tatjana

Tatjana Luethi 
Designer, Coach, Host, Producer
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