Friday, June 18, 2010

What’s lurking in your cosmetic and skin care products?

Today's rather short blog will be more of interest to my female readers. I apologize to my male readers, but I don't think you care much for the topic of safe cosmetic and skin care products...although I think you should :-), especially if you have daughters.The hazard and toxicity found in today's skin care and cosmetic products is grotesque to say the least.

Yesterday I hosted a woman's event at my house in collaboration with Jay Coelho from A.I.P. Entertainment, featuring two fabulous speakers: Ashley Beckman from Golden Path Alchemy, and Elizabeth Golden from Golden Earth were sharing with us the journey of their wellness business, while educating our group on the hidden chemicals that are lurking in today's skin care products. Delicious vegan food was sponsored by The Vegan Joint, and beverage was provided by Guayaki Yerba Mate.

The whole point of my monthly events in collaboration with other men and or women is to provide a hub in our immediate community to foster and support each other on multiple levels; personal, societal, and or environmental. Each month we have a different event. Sometimes we have 10 people, sometimes we have 100, it all depends on type and topic. If you would like to be included in my invitations database, please contact me at tatjana (at) affordeco (dot) com.

As a result of yesterday's educational skin care event, I would be interested in hosting another event that focuses on safe cosmetics products. If you know anyone that represents brands such as Jane Iredale, Dr. Hauschka, Honeybee Gardens, etc., please contact me so I can organize an event with such speakers and their products. Let me know if there are any other brands that you think should be part of such a presentation/event.

I am not that much of a "facial cream person". On that topic, I "live" very simple, I use Egyptian Magic Skin Cream as my morning and night moisturizer, as well as my eye make-up remover as I found it to be the only one that would not "blur" my eyes. There is lot's of information online, just simply google the product. It is very affordable, one entire jar lasts for 6 months. I buy it down the street from Rainbow Acres for $33. I found that Rainbow Acres in general has great deals on lotions, skin care and vitamin supplements. As for cleaning my face, I have been using different facial scrubs, mostly from Alba and Alba Botanica. But they do have a few questionable ingredients. Price is around $10 - $16, depending where you buy them from and lasts for about 3 months. I am still exploring some other safe options that don't cost a fortune. What is your favorite facial soap / scrub that is non-hazardous to ones health?  Then I usually use Witch Hazel Facial Toner to make sure I get all remaining traces off my face! You have to make sure you get the "facial toner", the regular will burn and dry out your skin. Price ranges from $3 - $5 depending where you shop at. Again, a bottle will last me about 3 - 4 months. So my facial products are rather affordable.

As for make up, I really love Dr. Hauschka's translucent make-up. Most of the time I have my German friends bring a few tubes from Germany as it is much cheaper to buy them in Europe, but you might be able to find good deals on Amazon. One tube will last for about 2 - 3 months. I know that Wholefoods carries the product, as well as local health food stores and some homeopathic pharmacies.
As for facial powder, I recently discovered two from Jane Iredale: 1) PurePressed Base Mineral Powder,  and 2) Base Loose Mineral Powder, absolutely love it! But I'm still confused about the "mineral content". Some people say that minerals in your cosmetics are the worst for your skin, others swear that this is the way to go! What the heck is it now after all? Anyone? As much as I love the product though, especially the loose powder, it is expensive, holly molly!!!!! $49 for the pressed powder and $50 something for the loose powder.  I buy all of my Jane Iredale powders on Amazon, you find much cheaper deals (once you know which color tone to buy). I did not care much for Jane Iredale's eyepencils and mascara. The eye pencil didn't apply well, and the mascara brush had these little tiny hairs that kept on getting into my eyes. Also, my eyes would start burning by using her eyeproducts. So shortly after, I found a really affordable brand called Honeybee Gardens, highly rated as safe on However, the pencils keep on breaking when sharpening and or applying on the eye. Also, it doesn't last that long, so you you may need to re-apply in the afternoon. Cost: $6.00, very affordable (on Amazon). The mascara applies very subtle as well, so you won't get the full black look if that's what you want. However, it was the only mascara I could find without parabens. Cost: $9.00. I have been using Honeybee Gardens for about two years now. I going to do some research on Dr. Hauschka's mascara, and see how that will work out.

As for eye shadow, I am still using Mac...I know I know.

Here is another little favorite of mine. I don't use deodorant anymore, it's full of aluminum, and all kinds of toxic ingredients.  Yet, at the same time I am not one of those people who can be without it either. I pretty much have tried everything that's on the market. I swear, noting worked...or let's say "lasted". So about two years ago I discovered "baking soda". If you can eat it, why not apply it externally to your body! It lasts all day, no matter how much you sweat as a dancer, athlete, gymnist, or an office clerk. You get the idea. After you shower, put a handful into both of your hands, and tab it into, well, your arm pit area. I follow up with a few spritzes of Weleda Wild Rose Deodorant (again purchased from Amazon). So that's the secret to staying fresh all day!

That's about it for today. I would love to hear from you about your knowledge of safe cosmetic and or skin care items. Also, please share your favorites, and or your "not so favorite" skin care and cosmetic items you have tested yourself so we can help each other with this taunting educational process of finding safe skin care and cosmetic items.

To view pictures from yesterday's event click here:

So long,

Tatjana Luethi