Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Navigating today's Economy while regaining a sense of self

Soundbytes with the Founder of Conscious Evolution: Part 1

A couple months ago I met a gentleman, founder of Conscious Evolution. He is, let’s say...a soul of profound ancient wisdom. He is one of those people whose words, if you carefully and consciously listen to them, are of infinite reverberation.....carrying a message within each word that transcend beyond the current moment. Every time I listen to our recorded dialogues I discover new information...new meaning...that had slipped my mind the first time.

I worked with him for about 2 months....discussing life and all of its facets...as it pertained to my own unique life. People around us seemed to be captivated by our conversations, carefully moving closer, eaves dropping...listening secretly into our conversations as they pretend to be zipping on their empty cup of coffee...it was really funny to observe.

He has an infinite spectrum of knowledge, wisdom and experience. His vocabulary and articulation allows you to follow his universal understanding ranging from the deep, personal, intimate dimensions of you as an individual all the way to the macro level of an entire society. His approach of life is one of “possibilities and opportunities”. He offered rewarding insights, stressed to look for the truth within and provided a level of understanding that puts you in power of your own life. With outermost care he guides one in uncovering, recognizing, and owning one's own unique power, discovering your true authentic self, and embracing the importance and relevance of one's life as an individual as well as in relation to the grander scheme of society.... all methodologically conveyed with a sense of love and compassion....

Having said that I would like to share a 30 minute dialogue of one of our conversations we recorded discussing the current economic times, its effects, and its challenges as experienced by so many of us and how it relates to the grander scheme of society and its future:


So long.....

Tatjana Luethi